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This Master Service Agreement shall constitute a binding contractual agreement between WebMall by NoFrillsCloud, hereinafter ("The Company", "WebMall", "NoFrillsCloud", "We", "Us", and "Our") and the subscriber of services ("Customer", "You", and "Client" ) who is being used our service(s) or product(s). The Master Service Agreement shall include the Terms of Service (TOS), the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Copyright Infringement (DMCA) and the Privacy Policy (PP). Customer agrees to be bound to all agreements found herein.


Terms of Service (TOS)

Terms of Service for all web services provided by WebMall.


Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Acceptable Use Policy for all web services provided by WebMall.


Copyright Infringement (DMCA)

Issues related to Copyright Infringement and DMCA of services provided by WebMall.


Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of WebMall.